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Integrated Car Sharing Solution for Commercial Properties

We can take your business to the next level

Transform your building complex into a hub of modern mobility. Whether it’s a hotel, bustling mall, or a high-rise tower, our car sharing solutions seamlessly blend with your infrastructure, offering residents, visitors, and guests a sustainable and convenient transportation experience.

We offer value add service that is simple for your business

Hotels & Accomodations

Provide shared car service as an added convenience for your guests to explore and enjoy

Shopping Malls

An integrated vehicle sharing service caters to tenant employees for work-related travels, office staff and apartment residents within your mall complex

Commercial Buildings

Introduce shared car service as part of the building amenities for your employees or commercial tenants

Education & Healthcare

Enhance campus mobility by catering to student and staff needs with our tailored shared vehicle solutions

Customised Mobility, Seemless Integration

  • Design a custom operating model tailored to your needs
  • Choose from subscription, pay per use or complimentary access
  • Incorporate it as a service or turn it into a revenue stream
  • Simplify access with a user-friendly app
  • Combine cars, mopeds and ebikes for comprehensive mobility solutions
  • Simply allocate the space and we will handle the rest

We are all about delivering better experience

A simple all inclusive plan that is designed to deliver simplicity

All in one solution that covers everything you need to get it up and running. All the features outlined are provided at no extra cost to give you price certainty.

Select Vehicles

Keyless Entry

Simple self service using smart phone to access the vehicle without any keys

Accident Management

Included as part of the service to support any unforeseen incidents

24/7 Customer Support

Round the clock support for any issues


Built into the offer, to ensure any coverage needed to operate the service

Service & Maintenance

All inclusive to remove all the maintenance hassle


We will maintain all the vehicle cleanliness and grooming on your behalf

Featured Electric Vehicles

Comfort, Range and Reliability

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